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Email Your List to a Parent or Guardian

Email your shopping list to a parent of guardian to relieve yourself from the financial burden of buying groceries. Have them pay! Simply enter your parent/guardian's name and email, and they will receive an email from you containing your grocery list and instructions on how to add funds to your account. When they pay, you will be notified via email and you will have the specified funds in your account immediately. Your parent/guardians may also deposit any amount of money for you to withdraw from. Click here for more details.

Email Your List to Friend or Roommate

If you share your grocery expenses you can make shopping even easier by emailing your grocery lists to a friend or roommate. Simply choose your list and enter your roommates name and email below. Your grocery list will be emailed to your roommate or friend so they know what you are buying, how much it costs and when it will arrive. They can also let you know if you missed anything as well.

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