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Using the Features of OneClickGrocery

One Click Grocery offers a number of features to improve your shopping experience. Click on a feature below to learn more about it:

Saving Lists for Future Use
You can save your grocery lists on One Click Grocery any time you like. Simply click the CHECKOUT button on the bottom of the shopping cart and you will be brought to the shopping cart review page. Here you just click the SAVE LIST button, name your list, and you can access it anytime in the future.

saving you lists

Sorting Items
We created this feature to help you browse through our aisles with more ease. At One Click Grocery you can sort items alphabetically and by price with the click of a button. Simply click the heading "product item" to instantly sort products alphabetically. Click the heading "price" to instantly sort items from lowest to highest price.

Viewing Past Orders
One Click Grocery saves your order history so you can review it anytime if necessary. When logged in, you can view your order history, saved lists, and personal information in the "My Account" section. By clicking on your order history, the details of the previous order will appear for your review. This information is private, and can only be accessed by you.

Uploading Prepared Lists
One Click Grocery has prepared a number of lists to help your shopping experience. These lists can give you new cooking ideas, expedite the shopping process, help you with balanced meals, or just act as something to begin with. We created a number of different categories, be sure to look through them for something you may enjoy. Examples of Pre-Made Lists: Balanced Meals, Veggie Diet, Super Bowl Party, A little of everything lists, etc.

pre-made lists


You can save time by loading your saved lists and simply adding or removing items from them.

It can be really helpful to start with one of our lists, and then remove and add items as you desire.

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