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Website Tour

Checking Out

We created a 5 step checkout process to make checking out as simple as possible. Below you can find each step of the checkout phase and the simplicity of the process.

5 steps

Once you have added your shopping selection to your cart, simply click the checkout button the bottom of the shopping cart.

Step One: Sign In
Once you have added your shopping selection to your cart, simply click the checkout button the bottom of the shopping cart. This will take you to the sign in page to enter your username and password, or to become a new member. If you forget your username or password, you can have them emailed to you from this page.

Step Two: Pick a Delivery Time
One Click Grocery delivers multiple days per week. We deliver within a one hour span for your convenience. Simply enter the available time that suits you best, and go on to the next step. Times that are no longer available will be shaded in gray.

delivery times

It is important to make sure you can be at your location for the delivery. We will email you prior to the delivery, but it is your responsibility to be present for the hour your groceries are due for drop-off. There is a $25 fee for not being present during the delivery time. Reschedules can be done by contacting us.

Step Three: Confirm Delivery Address
Once you have signed in and chosen your time, you will be brought to the delivery address confirmation page. For your convenience, the delivery address you provided when becoming a member is already filled in. If you will be somewhere else, simply change the address.

Step Four: Payment Method
One Click Grocery offers two methods of payment for our customers: debit/credit card and Grocery Funds. Credit card orders will be pending until the delivery is completed. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Cash on delivery is offered for those who would rather not charge their credit or debit card. Grocery Funds is a special service that allows students to draw money from an account. Parents or guardians can deposit any amount of money into a student's account. Students can also deposit money into their own account. This money can be withdrawn throughout the entire year. Any money leftover will be sent back to the person whom deposited it in the form of a check. This option adds convenience to your shopping, helps YOU budget more effectively, and is extremely easy to use.

payment options

Step Five: Complete Order
Once you confirm your payment method the order is complete. You will receive a confirmation email with your order details. You will then receive a reminder email the night before the delivery will take place. Be sure to be at the delivery address during the delivery time.


We deliver every Tuesday and Thursday. Please pick a time when you know you will be home!

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