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Our Care For Your Groceries

Our goal is to provide you with the ultimate grocery shopping experience. While features like free delivery, web shopping, and setting up accounts to withdraw from provide you with the ultimate convenience, we pride ourselves most on choosing the very best groceries possible.

How We Shop
One Click Grocery has two specialized employees shopping for you. One shopper focuses on quickly picking out the basic groceries you select. Our other shopper carefully chooses only the best fruit, vegetables, and other perishables for you. Our employees understand the only way to keep customers coming back is providing them with the best groceries possible. We spend extra time ensuring your perishables are of extremely high quality.

How We Deliver
We shop for your food the night before it is delivered. Basic groceries (bread, snacks, etc) are stored at room temperature, while perishables (milk, meat, etc) are kept at their necessary temperatures in our commercial refrigerators and freezers. Your groceries are prepared for delivery minutes before the time you select and will always arrive in the exact shape you would receive them if you picked them up at the grocery store.

We work extremely hard to make sure your groceries are the highest quality possible. If you would like to learn more about how we care for your groceries, please contact us and we will have someone get back to you personally.


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