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Delivery Details

It is important you understand how our delivery process works to ensure the best service possible. Below you will find details on the following:

  • How we deliver
  • What happens when we arrive
  • How to pay
  • Tips
  • Special Requests
  • If you are not there when we deliver

How We Deliver
One Click Grocery guarantees your groceries will be delivered to your location during the time you choose. You can choose any one hour span during the days we deliver. Groceries are bagged carefully and carried in crates to ensure their quality is intact. Your groceries will not be bagged until minutes before we leave to deliver them. Our drivers will only deliver one or two orders before returning to our storage facility. Your groceries will always be delivered fresh, with refrigerated and frozen items remaining at their same temperature.

What Happens When We Arrive
When we arrive, we will either call you (in a dorm) or knock on your door. We will carry groceries right into your apartment or dorm room if you would like. Please let us know if you wish to carry groceries in yourself. Due to time restraints, our drivers are not able to unpack groceries. Once we deliver our groceries, we will ask you to sign your receipt and pay for your groceries.

How to Pay
We accept two forms of payment: Credit/Debit card and Grocery Funds. If you chose cash, please have your funds ready when the driver arrives. For credit/debit card orders and account withdrawals you must personally sign the receipt upon delivery. The transaction is complete when the groceries are delivered and the receipt is signed.

Leaving tips is entirely up to you. Tips are not expected, but are always appreciated by our employees.

Special Requests
We allow customers to leave special instructions during the checkout process. If your apartment is hard to find or you have a particular request, you will be able to leave this information with us during checkout.

If You are not There When we Deliver
We cannot stress enough the importance of being at your delivery address during the delivery time you choose. Your absence affects our delivery process in a number of ways and you will be charged if we cannot reach you. You can request one redelivery; this is subject to a $15 re-delivery charge. If you are absent for both deliveries, we charge a $30 restocking fee. Our goal is to limit your cost while offering substantial value.


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